Privacy Policy

This surgery will collect information about you and your health under the guidance of the National Privacy Principles 2001. The information collected will include your personal and medical information. The information will be used in the course of managing your medical health and at times will need to be passed onto other Medical Specialist and Allied Health Careers so that optimum care can be taken. Any unauthorised access to your health information without your written permission will not be allowed. At times it will be necessary to collect general health information about other family members. Should more details information be required it may be necessary for your family member to given written permission for that information to be collected.

Patient Permission

When first arriving at the surgery you are asked to give your personal details with a brief overview of your medical History. You are asked to sign and date this form and is doing so are giving the Doctor permission to collect information for both Medical and Administrative purposes.

Disclosure of Medical information

Any Health information collected is considered sensitive and will not be disclosed to any third party with out the patients consent. The doctor will provide you with adequate information about the intended use and disclosures of any health information and any potential consequences that may arise.

At times it will be necessary to disclose your information with out consent and these times will include:

  • In an emergency.
  • Other Medical Specialist will require medical information to be able to provide the optimum care possible.
  • By law Doctors are sometimes required to disclose information eg: for mandatory reporting of communicative diseases.
  • Information might be required for a medical indemnity insurance obligation.
  • Medicare and Private Health funds, if relevant require patient information for billing and medical rebate purposes.
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